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Objections needed to Blackbridge plantObjections needed to Blackbridge plant

Please object to Egnedol's Environmental Impact Assessment for a biomass and waste gasifier. Responses must be in no later than 20th May
The above website has an online email with sample text for your objection - please personalize this text if you have time.


Assembly ElectionsAssembly Elections

Do you want to know what the candidates for the West Carmarthen and South Pembrokeshire Constituency have to say about the environment?

We have interviewed five of the candidates so here is your chance to read their profiles and hear what they have to say

Angela Burns - Conservative

Val Bradley - Green Party

Marc Tierney - Labour

Alistair Cameron - Liberal Democrat

Simon Thomas - Plaid Cymru


Action against Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mineAction against Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine

Climate activist network Reclaim the Power today announced it will shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine – Ffos-y-fran, near Merthyr Tydfil in south Wales – at the start of May.


Blackbridge Biomass Gasification Plant Blackbridge Biomass Gasification Plant

Egnedol are submitting a planning application for a 49.9 MW biomass plant which would burn, or rather gasify, around 400,000 tonnes of wood a year. Over time they want to scale the plant up seven-fold to 350 MW, larger than any dedicated biomass power plant in the world (although additional planning consent would be needed).

In a detailed briefing Biofuelwatch argue that Egnedol's proposal is a high risk, unproven technology for burning chemically treated waste wood and 'super-trees'


Remembering the Sea EmpressRemembering the Sea Empress

20 years on Gordon James looks back at what was in many ways a lucky escape but more importantly the mistakes made and the lessons that should have been learned


Save Cardigan Bay!Save Cardigan Bay!
The Welsh Government is consulting on proposals to open up more of Cardigan Bay to destructive scallop dredging. The consultation is asking how this should be done. But we object strongly to any proposal to increase scallop dredging and even would argue that the ban should be extended to the areas which are currently being exploited.
Sign the petition today and PLEASE take a few minutes to respond to the consultation. You can do so by going to the online form

And by emailing fisheriesmailbox@Wales.gsi.gov.uk

It only takes a second to answer NO to question 2 which is the important question. If you have more time, please add your comments to the form and email as well.

Act NOW the deadline is 17th February


Next meeting

Tues 7th June 7.30pm Llanfallteg

Email for directions

Lift available from Narberth


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